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About Namtaxi : 
 Namtaxi, is Bengaluru’s local taxi booking app which was launched in Bengaluru in the year 2019. It is operated in Bengaluru with certified cab aggregation permission that promotes economical rates to the commuters and less commission to the drivers compared to other taxi booking platforms. We are a user friendly app which can be accessed from any part of the city in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Through the use of advance technology we render efficient service at affordable rates. Bengaluru is a metropolitan city with exciting local places and bustling traffic. The increasing traffic makes commuting very difficult but we at Namtaxi assure tranquil commuting from any part of the Bengaluru city. We are explicitly known for on time reach and best services.
About Namtaxi User App: 
 Traffic everywhere, inconsistent travel mediums, getting late due to parking, unfair fares, then download Namtaxi – Bengaluru’s local taxi booking app for 24/7 commuting. It is the most easily accessible app in the city.
Secure : The app ensures safety of customers hence the phone numbers stay anonymous to the driver. In case the customer wants to contact the driver or vice-versa then a virtual number will be provided for communication purpose.
Door step pick and drop : The app has access to all the possible locations in the city. The customer don’t have to walk and wait at a particular location. The driver will pick up from the current location entered by the customer and drop at the correct destination.
24/7 availability : The app functions throughout the day both weekdays and weekends. The drivers are available in the every nook and corner of the city in order to ensure maximum availability.
Help and chat support : In case of any delay or any change in the destination or any default by the driver’s end then the customer can easily contact the customer care and all the errors will be rectified.
Fare estimate : After entering the pick and drop location, the customer can estimate the fare of the particular ride.
Geo tracked : All the rides are geo tracked from start to finish. If there is any discrepancy then it can easily be tracked.
Convenient : The app is user friendly, easily accessible to anyone having a smart phone and very basic and can easily be used by a layman.
Steps for booking ride
  • Installation of App : The App can be installed from play store or app store just by searching Namtaxi.
Sign up This is a one time process after the installation of App which involves signing in by entering mobile number.
Enter pickup and drop location the pickup and drop location needs to be mentioned in order to find the nearest drivers and cars.
Choose the car : The car can be of the customer’s choice which included Micro, Hatchback Sedan, Suv and Suv+. Even auto rickshaws can be booked for commuting.
Estimate the fare : The fare can be estimated by entering the pickup and drop location.
Confirm booking : After the fare estimation the booking can be confirmed and the driver will soon navigate to the pickup location.
 How it works
 After the booking is confirmed, the nearest driver is assigned for the ride. The driver will receive the pick and drop location and will report accordingly. The driver’s photograph, car number will be visible in the app, if the driver doesn’t match with the photograph then you are free to report it to the customer care. The driver picks from the location entered and drops at the destination and the payment can be 
Done through any forms such as card cash or cashless (e-wallets). The driver rating can be done in the app.
Ease of payments : The payments are very easy to be done. Cash, card or wallets can be used to make payment. And all the payments will be vouched by receipts to ensure safety in payments. 
Omni presence : The drivers are present in every nook and corner of the city, hailing from airports to markets, hotels etc. The app has access to all the identified spaces in Bengaluru. 
No security deposit : There is no security deposit to be made to the company. Only payment of the exact fare is necessary and no other commissions are involved.
Variety : There is a variety in choosing the cab. The app has Micro, Hatchback Sedan Suv or Suv+ and even auto rickshaws are included in the app. 
Minimum waiting time : The waiting time is very minimum ranging from a minute to 5 or so . The only delay is if the desired car is a little far from the pickup location, else the driver will reach the location on time. 
Rating : The driver rating is available in the App. If the journey was really good then the driver can be rated 5 stars or according to the customers experience of the particular ride. 
Namtaxi-Guru (Driver’s App) 
About the App 
This app is exclusively for the drivers of Namtaxi. For customers Please download “Namtaxi” app 
Namtaxi is Bengaluru’s local taxi booking app which is most reliable and easily accessible. It offers various cab services and airport taxies at just finger tips. It is available throughout Bengaluru.
How it works?
Installation of App : The app can be installed through play store or app store just by searching for Namtaxi Guru App. 
Sign up : The driver can sign up with the help of mobile number and choose a password of his choice. This is a one time process.
Upload documents : All the necessary documents needs to be uploaded such as photograph, registration card, insurance and other necessary formalities.
Activation : After the documents are uploaded the company verifies the authenticity of documents and if all formalities are legal then the account is activated.
Accept the bookings : Once the account is activated, the driver can accept the bookings. The bookings are confined to the nearest rides and given to the nearest drivers.
Pick up and drop location : Once the booking is accepted, then the driver can see both pick up and drop location and navigate according to the map instructions.
Payment : The payment can be either by the way of cash, card or wallet payments. 
Driver tracking : The app has access to the location of the driver’s once they login. Hence all the rides are geo tracked from start to finish. 
24/7 chat support : The driver has access to get connected to the employees of the company through the app whenever needed.
Emergency button : The App is equipped with the emergency button. In case of emergency when the driver clicks on the emergency button then three employees get the message stating that the driver is in emergency along with the driver's current location and map location and soon the employees will contact for rescue.
Verification of police : The background of driver is verified by the department of police to ensure safety of customers. 
Minimum commission : The commission for the company is very minimal which is 10 % for cab and 0% for auto which is less than half when compared to the other taxi booking platforms.
Payment : There is flexibility in payment. The payment can either be done through cash, cards or any other prevailing wallets in the market. The commission will be deducted from the Guru's wallet . 
Pick and drop points details : The app has all the details of the ride from start to finish . Both the start and finish points are available. If there is any error then the driver can easily contact to the employee and get it cleared. 
Convenience : There are no restrictions to accept booking . There are no schedules or shifts assigned. Login and logout is as per the driver’s convenience. 
Flexibility : The drivers are given flexibility to accept the nearest rides and if aren’t able to get then can report accordingly and find the nearest customers.
Less commission : The commission for the company is very less when compared to other cab booking platforms.
Transparency : The driver can see his earning after every ride, daily, weekly and monthly.
Support : The employees provide 24/7 chat support and help in case of any default or error.
Free registration : The registration is totally free of cost. There is no payment of fee or any other monetary value to be paid by the driver to the company. There is no security deposit to be made by the driver. 
Want to find the easiest way of earning, then download Namtaxi Guru App, the most safest, reliable and easily accessible app.


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